Program Staff – Architecture of Interior and Furniture Design 2022/2023 – Bachelor

Program Staff

Staff table in the curriculum:
Architecture of Interior and Furniture Design 2022/2023 – Bachelor

No. FT/


Name and Surname Qualification Academic title
1. FT Agron Bajraktari Dr. Sc. Profesor
2. FT Muhamet Ymeri Dr. Sc. Prof. Asoc.
3. FT Bashkim Thaqi Dr. Sc. Prof. Asoc.
4. FT Rrahim Sejdiu Dr. Sc. Prof. Asoc.
5. FT Afrim Loku Dr. Sc. Prof. Asoc.
6. FT Bislim Lekiqi Dr. Sc. Prof. Asoc
7. PT Sokol Krasniqi Dr. Sc. Prof. Asoc
8. FT Ramadan Topuzi Dr. Sc. Prof.Ass
9. FT  Fakije Zejnullahu Dr. Sc. Prof.Ass.
10. FT  Leonora Rudhani Dr. Sc. Prof.Ass.
11. FT Bashkim Musliu Dr. Sc. Prof.Ass.
12. FT Arben Tërstena Dr. Sc. Prof.Ass.
13. FT Florit Hoxha PhD. c. Prof.Ass.
14. FT Lejla Ibrahimi PhD. c. Prof.Ass.
15. FT Faton Spahiu PhD. c. Lecturer
16. FT Feride Qerolli PhD. c. Lecturer
17. FT Lulzim Idrizi PhD. c. Lecturer
18. FT Bujar Jashari PhD. c. Lecturer
19. FT Kushtrim Cukaj PhD. c. Lecturer
20. FT Etlevë Blaka PhD. c.  Lector
21. FT Anylë Shala MSc.  Lector

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