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MSc. Feride Qorrolli - Lubishtani

Full  time Lecturer

Feride Qorrolli- Lubishtani is part of the University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj from 2014, when she starts as Assistant of Mathematics for two years. From October of 2016 she was elected as Lecturer of Mathematics and Mathematics for Business in UASF, while from October of 2018 she is Lecturer for the subjects: Mathematics, Mathematics for Business and Statistics for Business.

From 2014 she also worked in professional high school “Center of Competences” in Ferizaj as regular Professor of Mathematics until school-year 2017-18, to continue as part time professor from school-year 2018-19.

Feride Qorrolli-Lubishtani has finished Bachelor and Master studies at University of Prishtina in the field of Mathematics, which is her interest to continue her future studies. She was part of many conferences and seminars in the field of Mathematics.

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