Architecture of Interior and Furniture Design 2022/2023 – Bachelor

Architecture of Interior and Furniture Design 2022/2023– Bachelor

The program is developed based on raising and developing the skills of students and graduates from their previous education, always keeping in mind the increase in employment of those who graduate in this program. In the development phase (drafting) of the teaching results of the program, the businesses of the respective sector, part of the Industrial Board, were consulted, from which the competencies and skills for fulfilling their requirements are clearly defined. The program also aims to build general competencies that enable graduates to adapt more easily to changes in the labor market and industry. These competencies are modeled on different subjects that develop competencies of design and projecting, production, knowledge of materials, entrepreneurship, innovation, etc., general competencies that enable graduates to adapt more easily to changes in the labor market and industry.


The aim of the program is to develop specialized staff of professionals in the field of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design, using modern technologies and the latest applications, which easily adapt to the demands of the labor market. This goal is in harmony with the mission of the institution.

Overall objectives

After completion of studies, graduates will be able to:

  • Conceive and design interior spaces according to market demands;
  • Know the materials and their properties for use in interior architecture and furniture design;
  • Demonstrate product development skills;
  • Calculate the cost of products and services;
  • Demonstrate management skills of enterprises and projects;
  • Know the principles of marketing, sales techniques and communication with customers;
  • Apply computer programs for design, construction and visualization;
  • Develop skills in solving constructive furniture problems;
  • Demonstrate technical and organizational skills in production preparation;
  • Develop problem-solving skills in interior space planning;
  • Apply skills of managing, organizing and supervising interior projects;
  • Develop communication skills.


Job opportunities in the future

  • Independent designer of interior architecture and furniture design;
  • Operator with CAD programs;
  • Manager of quality of Interior products;
  • Restorer of interior buildings.
  • Supervisor of the production of an enterprise that deals with interior products;
  • Furniture constructor;
  • Interior space planner;
  • Designer of Commercial spaces;
  • Operator of visualization software.

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