Program Staff – Design and Construction of Wood Products – Bachelor

Program Staff

Staff table in the curriculum:
Design and Construction of Wood Products – Bachelor

No. FT/PT Name and surname Qualification

Academic Call

1. FT Fakije Zejnullahu Dr. Sc Prof. Ass
2. FT Sulejman Meta Dr. Sc Professor
3. FT Dhuratë Hyseni Dr. Sc Prof. Ass
4. FT Bashkim Musliu Dr. Sc Prof. Ass
5. FT Rrahim Sejdiu Dr. Sc Prof. Ass
6. FT Ramadan Topuzi Dr. Sc Prof. Ass
7. FT Halit Mehmeti Mr. Sc Lecturer
8. PT Kushtrim Cukaj PhD. C. Lecturer
9. FT Sokol Krasniqi Dr. Prof. Ass
10. FT Lejla Ibrahimi PhD. C. Lecturer
11. FT Binaze Jashari Mr. Sc Lecturer
12. FT Bujar Jashari PhD. C. Lecturer
13. FT Bashkim Thaci Dr. Prof. Ass
14. FT Aziz Rexhpi Dr. Prof. Ass
15. FT Anylë Shala MSc. Lecturer
16. FT Arben Tërstena Dr. Lecturer
17. FT Lulzim Idrizi PhD. C. Lecturer
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