Design and Construction of Wood Products 2022/2023 – Bachelor

Design and Construction of Wooden Products 2022/2023 – Bachelor

The program Design and Construction of Wooden Products offers students the highest international standards of education in this field. The content and structuring of this program come as a result of the increased demands of the subjects, which deal with the activities of furniture, interior design, and exterior spaces. The program offers courses with contemporary content that continuously follow the requirements of the local and international industry, thus creating a professional framework that will help in the general development of skills and knowledge related to the relevant field.


The aim of the program is to develop a specialized staff of professionals in the field of Design and Constructions of Wooden Products of interior and exterior, using modern technologies and the latest applications, which easily adapt to the demands of the labor market. This goal is in harmony with the mission of the institution.

Overall objectives

After completion of studies, graduates will be able to:

  • Develop skills in technical drawing and descriptive geometry;
  • Recognize and apply materials for design and furniture based on their properties;
  • Apply computer programs for design and construction;
  • Understand the content of the design and construction of interior products;
  • Understand the content of the design and construction of exterior products;
  • Recognize and apply technologies of materials processing;
  • Have knowledge of ergonomics of furniture design, construction and safety protection at work;
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills in solving complex problems;
  • Calculate the cost and price of the product and manage production;
  • Demonstrate communication skills with co-workers and clients.

Job opportunities in the future

  • Furniture designer;
  • Operator with CAD and CAM programs;
  • Interior product quality manager;
  • Restorer of interior buildings.
  • Supervisor of the production of an enterprise that deals with interior products;
  • Furniture constructor;
  • Commercial space designer;
  • Operator with construction software.

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