Mission, Vision and Values

of University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj

Vision of the University:

“A national model of a modern, innovative and of an integrative education university, where practice complements theory, professional and research skills are developed for the benefit of society.”

Mission of the University:

“We are committed to providing quality education to prepare qualified professionals, dedicated researchers and educated and responsible citizens, to develop a professional career and lead a productive life.”

University Values:

  • Learning: The university values education, which is employment oriented, balances theory and practice, focuses on active learning and critical thinking, and fosters responsibility and desire for lifelong learning.
  • Ethics: The University treats the dignity of each of its members with respect, honesty, equality and integrity while upholding academic freedom.
  • Collaboration: Building partnerships with students, alumni, businesses and industries, local and international government institutions, the Accreditation Agency and the community the University serves.
  • Excellence: We strive to be perfect and excellent in education, scientific creativity and innovation.
  • Diversity: Embrace different ideas, beliefs, cultures and ethnicities.

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