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Ligjerues Kushtrim Cukaj

Full time Professor

Coordinator for Academical Development and Quality Assurance in UASF

Lecturer MSc. Kushtrim Cukaj

Lecturer MSc. Kushtrim Cukaj is engaged as regular academicals staff in UASF since 2012. While the duties of Coordinator for academicals development and quality assurance in UASF is performing since 2022.

From year 1999- 2000 has worked as assistant in the mission of NATO KFOR region of Peja. From year 2000-2010 has worked as senior officer for electoral processes within the mission of OSCE in Kosovo, region of Peja. Direct supervisor of election operations.   From year 2011-2013 was engaged as expert in the field of forestry in the capacity of Chairman of the Board for Forestry Management- MAFRD, Kosovo Government.  During the year 2012 have leaded the office for international cooperation in the capacity of the Director in University Haxhi Zeka- Pejë.  From the year 2014- 2018, have leaded and managed all activities and operations in the capacity of the Manager of the Post of Kosova A.A region of Peja.  From the year 2018-2020, have exercised the responsibilities of the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of the European Integrations, Kosovo Government During the year 2021, have leaded Agency for Administration of Sequestrated and Confiscated Properties within the Ministry of Justice, Kosovo Government.

He has many presentations in different international conferences. Also, has published his own work in well-known international journals and have contributed in organizations and important mechanisms in the world in the field of forestry and wood industry, restoration of wood objects, management, electoral processes, public administration etc.

Bachelor and muster studies has finished in the Department of Wood Industry- Faculty of Forest Sciences in Agricultural University in Tirana. In the year 2012 has gained a position of regular assistant and then lecturer in the UASF, and have continued studies for PHD in the Agricultural University of Tirana, Faculty of Forestry Sciences.

Lect.MSc.Kushtrim Cukaj speaks fluently English, German and Serbo-Croatian.

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