Program Staff – Engineering and Informatics – Master

Program Staff

Teacher table in the curriculum:
Engineering and Informatics – Master

No. FT/PT Name and Surname Qualification Academic Title
1. FT Agron Bajraktari Dr. Sc Professor
2. FT Ibrahim Çunaku Dr. Sc Professor
3. FT Bujar Pira Dr. Sc Professor
4. FT Milihate Aliu Dr. Sc  Prof. Ass.
5. FT Bashkim Çerkini Dr. Sc  Prof. Ass.
6. FT Bashkim Mustafa Dr. Sc  Prof. Ass.
7. FT Riad Ramadani Dr. Sc  Prof. Ass.
8. FT Bislim Lekiqi Dr. Sc  Prof. Ass.
9. FT Afrim Loku Dr. Sc  Prof. Ass.
10. FT Rrahim Sejdiu Dr. Sc Prof. Ass.
11. FT Sokol Krasniqi Dr. Sc Prof. as
12. FT Fatmir Çerkini Mr. Sc Lecturer

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