Academic Staff – Faculty of Engineering and Informatics

Academic Staff

The regular academic staff in FEI is qualified and consists of professors, associate professors, assistant professors, lecturers, graduate engineers who carry the development and implementation of the program.

No. Name and surname Qualification Academic Call
1. Bujar Pira Dr. Sc. Profesor
2. Milihate Aliu Dr. Sc. Prof. Asoc.
3. Bashkim Çerkini Dr. Sc. Prof. Asoc.
4. Fakije Zejnullahu Dr. Sc. Prof. As.
5. Valdete Loku-Braha Dr. Sc. Prof. As.
6. Gjelosh Vataj Dr. Sc. Prof. As.
7. Flamur Salihu PhD.c. Lecturer
8. Ismet Malsiu Mr.Sc. Lecturer
President of the EURASHE and Secretary General of EUDRES visited UASF

Today, at the University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj (UASF), the President of EURASHE, Prof. Hannes Raffaseder, held an important meeting with the staff and students of the university. This post is also available in: Albanian

This post is also available in: Albanian