Applied Informatics – Bachelor

Applied Informatics– Bachelor

The three-year program at the University of Applied Sciences “Applied Informatics” will offer students a contemporary theoretical and practical knowledge of the field of applied informatics.

This knowledge will be transmitted to the students through interactive teaching and research on Applied Informatics, with special emphasis on the development of information technology in solving concrete problems and applying them to the Industry, for the sake of developing qualified professionals and top level entrepreneurs in the field of IT, in accordance with labor market needs.


The goal of the Bachelor study program “Applied Informatics” is to offer students knowledge on the field of computer science and business management, in order to develop a specialized workforce with practical and applied skills in analyzing, designing, developing, implementing and operating information technology in various fields, one which is equipped with the basic knowledge and skills needed to understand a business environment and its management.

Overall objectives

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to:

  • Analyze IT requirements by taking into account consumer and business needs, describe them on an abstract level and justify the method of their application.
  • Analyze, design and develop software alternatives oriented towards objects for the solution of real problems in various fields, as well as maintain them.
  • Apply software testing and quality assurance techniques, and demonstrate change management skills.
  • Conceptualize and apply hardware based on the Information Systems as well as design, configure, administer and maintain computer networks by applying high safety standards.
  • Identify and apply IT in a business environment in order to aid the achievement of business strategic objectives.
  • Demonstrate skills in teamwork and individual work in the efficient management of complex IT projects.
  • Demonstrate innovative managerial and entrepreneurial skill in applying IT, while following the business ethics of rights and principles.
  • Demonstrate high communication and presentation skills to clearly and convincingly present IT concepts to expert and non-expert audiences, and be a part of constructive collaborations in working teams.
  • Analyze and calculate cost and price as well as be familiar with marketing and sale principles.

Employment opportunities in the future

With the skills and knowledge gained in this program, graduates will be able to work professionally in several industries, such as: IT service companies, management and consulting, financial services sector, audit companies, healthcare, and other public industries and institutions. For example, they can work as:

  • Programmer (Desktop, Web and Mobile)
  • IT specialists in different companies
  • System consultant
  • System designer
  • Business analyst
  • IT Architect
  • IT Coordinator
  • System Architect
  • Business Informatics Specialist
  • IT service administrators,
  • Computer network administrators,
  • Project managers or assistants of project managers.
  • Project Coordinator
  • Graduates can set up their own businesses or work as freelancers.

Donikë Guri, 3rd year student in the program of Industrial Engineering with Informatics

The large job perspectives in the region of Ferizaj, as well as the geographical position of the University have made it an ideal choice for me. International mobility opportunities to study abroad, numerous visits to various companies, then practical work, as well as laboratory exercises on the University, offer tremendous opportunities to our progress. Thanks to the variety of subjects in this faculty, we are already skilled in the field of engineering as well as in other fields such as: informatics, physics and mathematics.”

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