Engineering and Production Management – Master

Engineering and Production Management – Master

The mission of the programme is to develop specialized professionals in the field of Engineering, with a focus on product development and design using the latest applications easily adaptable and technological processes, to the demands of the labour market. This mission is in harmony with the mission and vision statements of the institution, “… prepare qualified professionals, dedicated researchers and educated and responsible citizens to develop a professional career and lead a productive life.

Pas përfundimit të studimeve, të diplomuarit do të jenë në gjendje të punojnë në industritë dhe llojet e mëposhtme të angazhimeve:

  • Inxhinier projektimi
  • Zhvilluesi/menaxheri i produktit
  • Mbikëqyrësi i seminarit
  • Zhvilluesi dhe projektuesi i procesit
  • Drejtor i përgjithshëm në një kompani prodhimi
  • I vetëpunësuar dhe sipërmarrës
  • Menaxheri i projektit

The programme is designed in accordance with Level 7 of the National Qualification Framework (NQF) as well as Second cycle qualification of The Qualification Framework of the European Higher Education Area (QFEHEA). The competences obtained by the students with this programme include but not limited to:

  • demonstrated knowledge and understanding
  • applying their knowledge and understanding, and problem solving abilities
  • have the ability to integrate knowledge and handle complexity, and formulate judgments
  • have the learning skills to allow them to continue to study in a manner that may be largely self-directed or autonomous, etc.


The curriculum is designed to build additional skills and competencies over those of bachelor studies and fit into multiple profiles. The programme offers the possibility to re-enrol in this study programme for students who have successfully completed three-year bachelor’s (180 ECTS) studies in the Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and other relevant work. Student load is well balanced, both between courses and semesters.

Overall objectives

After the successful completion of this programme, students will be provided with the following Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyse various relevant academic, professional and research ethical issues
  • Apply their knowledge and skills in various fields in carrying out complex engineering activities.
  • Contribute to new ways of thinking and innovative processes in solving industrial problems;
  • Work individually and in groups on theoretical and practical problems (finding and applying adequate methods of scientific research);
  • Understand the complexity of the production operations process and its impact on the design of the product or process, and vice versa;
  • Know the production processes and their impact on the environment;
  • Use modern computer programs (CAD, INVENTOR, CREO, FUSION, etc.) in the design and analysis / simulation of the operation of the designed product or process;
  • Plan, initiate and execute various engineering projects;
  • Manage products from the idea, design to its development throughout its life cycle;
  • Understand computerized and automated production and assess their adequacy in the context of industry in Kosovo.

Job opportunities in the future

After completion of their studies, the graduates will be able to work in the following industries and type of engagements:

  • Design Engineer
  • Product developer/manager
  • Workshop supervisor
  • Process developer and designer
  • General manager in a production company
  • Self-employed and entrepreneur
  • Project manager

Donikë Guri, 3rd year student in the program of Industrial Engineering with Informatics

The large job perspectives in the region of Ferizaj, as well as the geographical position of the University have made it an ideal choice for me. International mobility opportunities to study abroad, numerous visits to various companies, then practical work, as well as laboratory exercises on the University, offer tremendous opportunities to our progress. Thanks to the variety of subjects in this faculty, we are already skilled in the field of engineering as well as in other fields such as: informatics, physics and mathematics.”

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