Program staff- Management and Innovation in Tourism 2022/2023– Master

Program staff

Teacher table in the curriculum:
Management and Innovation in Tourism 2022/2023

No. FT/PT Name and Surname Qualification Academic title
1. FT Alberta Tahir  Dr. Sc. Prof. Asoc.
2. FT Bislim Lekiqi  Dr. Sc. Prof. Asoc.
3. PT Idriz Kovaqi  Dr. Sc. Prof. Asoc.
4. FT Petrit Hasanaj  Dr. Sc. Prof. As.
5. PT Arbëresha Meha  Dr. Sc. Prof. As.
6. FT Agim Thaqi  Dr. Sc. Prof. As.
7. FT Artan Veseli  Dr. Sc. Prof. As.
8. FT Leonora Rudhani  Dr. Sc. Prof. As.
9. FT Pajtim Rrustemi  PhD.c. Lecturer
10. FT Blerina Bytyqi  Mr.Sc. Lecturer
Congratulations on March 8 – International Women’s Day!

On this special day of celebration, we must remember the sacrifice of the Albanian woman over the centuries to raise and strengthen the family and thus our nation. They gave birth and educated boys and girls who fought for freedom, as well as intellectuals who inspired them with a sense of patriotism and the desire […]

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