Management and Innovation in Tourism – Master  

Management and Innovation in Tourism – Master

The study program in Management and Innovation in Tourism, offered in the second cycle of the studies (in Master studies), focuses on creating future professionals in the field of management and innovation in tourism with the aim to develop and advance this field in Kosova, but also to help graduates to easily integrate not only in the national labour market, but also in the global one.

Main objective
The program aims at preparing students with adequate skills in the field of management and innovation in tourism and hospitality, with the aim to influence the development and advancement of this field in Kosova, but also to prepare professionals not only for the local labour market but also for the regional and global market.

Learning outcomes
In order for students to succeed in a competitive and ever-changing environment in the future, the University offers them theoretical and practical teaching and learning that will help them:

  • develop different tourism products based on the experiences of tourists/ travellers;
  • analyze the sociological and psychological phenomena of visitors/ tourists to understand their motives and expectations for a professional management of tourism attractions, museums, exhibitions, excursions, etc.;
  • be successful entrepreneurs through planning and development of innovative tourism services;
  • develop electronic forms of communication for business promotion, such as e-Tourism, social networks, etc.;
  • identify national and international tourism potentials (such as rural tourism, cultural tourism, etc.);
  • manage various projects and events in tourism; and
  • manage the quality of customer service in various tourism projects.

Employment possibilities in the future
Upon completion of studies, the graduate would be able to work in:

  • state institutions (central and local level),
  • travel and tourism agencies,
  • various public and private companies,
  • education,
  • development/ management of tourism product,
  • project management, or
  • enterprises as self-employed and entrepreneur.

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