Program Staff – Industrial Management – Bachelor

Academic Staff

Teacher table in the curriculum: Business Management and Entrepreneurship

No. FT/


Name and Surname Qualification Academic Title
1. FT Ismail Mehmeti Dr. Sc.  Prof. Asoc
2. FT Afrim Loku Dr. Sc. Prof. Asoc.
3. FT Bashkim Çerkini Dr. Sc. Prof. Asoc.
4. FT Bislim Lekiqi Dr. Sc. Prof. Asoc.
5. FT Sokol Krasniqi Dr. Sc. Prof. Asoc.
6. FT Aziz Rexhepi Dr. Sc. Prof.  Asoc
7. FT Milihate Aliu Dr. Sc. Prof.  Asoc
8. FT Arben Tërstena Dr. Sc. Prof. Ass.
9. FT  Agim Thaqi Dr. Sc Prof. Ass.
10. FT Bashkim Musliu Dr. Sc. Prof. Ass.
11. FT Leonora Haliti Rudhani Dr. Sc. Prof. Ass.
12. FT Arta Jashari Dr. Sc. Prof. Ass.
13. FT Sejdi Hoxha Dr. Sc. Prof. Ass.
14. FT Gazmend Deda Dr. Sc.. Prof. Ass.
15. FT Fakije Zejnullahu Dr. Sc. Prof. Ass.
16. FT Valdete Loku Dr. Sc. Prof. Ass.
17. FT Fari Bushi Dr. Sc. Prof. Ass..
18. FT Feride Qerolli PhD. c. Lecturer
19. FT Etleva Blakaj PhD. c. Lector
20. FT Anyle Shala Mr.  Lector

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