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Prof. Dr. Ass. Ismail Mehmeti

Full time Professor

Prof. As. Dr. Ismail Mehmeti is a Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj (UShAF), teaches the subjects: “Financial Management”, “Product and Price Setting”, and “Business Law”. Professor Mehmeti is a member of various committees within UShAF and is systematized in the Council of the Faculty of Industrial Management, BA level.

Prior to his election as a teacher at UShAF, Professor Mehmeti for five years (2013 – 2018) was a teacher at Pjetër Budi College in Pristina and a member of the Senate. In this College he has taught the subjects: “Corporate Governance and Management”, “Financial Decision Making”, “International Financial Markets”, “Leadership”, “Business Ethics”, “International Trade”, “International Freight Forwarding Management”. For three years in the College he has been the leader of the program “Customs and Forwarding” – MA level. In June 2016 he received the title Prof. As. for the courses: “Corporate Governance and Management”, “Financial Decision Making” and “International Financial Markets”.

Mehmeti has worked for about 18 years at Kosovo Customs, where he has served as a manager – with a focus on managing customs activities, customs offices at the border and professional sectors of Kosovo Customs inland.

He has published the book “Laws in function of Businesses” – Monograph – Pristina 2022, has been a reviewer of the book “Customs Law”, published by the College “Pjetër Budi” – Pristina 2014, reviewer of the book “The role of projects in the implementation of Kosovo’s development strategy ”- Pristina 2021, has participated in scientific conferences inside and outside the country, has published scientific papers in various local and international journals, has been a member of the scientific board of the scientific conference: 2nd International conference on Law and Arts, on University “H. Zeka”, Peja, Kosovo, November 2020 “, has been a member of the editorial board of the Scientific Journal:” CRC Journal “, ISSN 1857-9744, Northern Macedonia.

Mehmeti has completed Bachelor studies (University of Pristina) and Master (International University of Pristina), also has completed doctoral studies in law, field of study “Business Law and Economic Sciences” at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius” “Faculty” Justinian I “- Skopje, Northern Macedonia.

He has sufficient knowledge of English, Serbian and Turkish.

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