Faculty of Management

Faculty of Management

Within this faculty, the Business Management and Entrepreneurship program is offered in the first cycle, i.e. in Bachelor. The program is organized in modules and assessed with credits, which are in line with the European credit system.

The Faculty of Management provides students with qualified academic staff, necessary infrastructure, including modern laboratories and equipment. The practical aspect of the programs is strengthened even more through work in laboratories and research, in cooperation with local and international companies and institutions.

This program provides students with adequate knowledge and skills for their professional field, as well as an international orientation. It enables them to develop and acquire managerial, financial, legal, business – entrepreneurship and innovation competencies, as well as good opportunities for a profitable career.

Bejtush Sejda, third year student in the Industrial Management program:

“Looking at the many opportunities that have been given to graduates, as well as those that are being offered to us, through contacts with various companies during the implementation of practical work, through semester studies abroad, through engagement in modern laboratories of the University, I can say that UASF is the right place to study.  I say this because of the fact that this is the second year that I have started working as a manager in a company. ”

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