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Prof. Ass. Lebibe Topalli

Full time Professor

Lebibe Topalli – Shabani is a teacher at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia at the University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj. 

The professional experience of Mrs. Topalli – Shabani is also noted in the role of Executive Director in the non-governmental organization MuralFest Kosova ( since its founding in 2016. Apart from it, Topalli – Shabani also serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Gallery of Arts in Ferizaj since 2020. 

After completing her Master of Painting studies at the University of Pristina, starting from 2006 she has been working as a primary and secondary school teacher in Ferizaj. 

With her initiative, in September 2016, for the first time, the department of Figurative Arts was established at the high school of Arts “Česk Zadeja” in Ferizaj, from where Topalli – Shabani was transferred as a professor of painting until 2022. 

Her collaborations are also marked with the Association of Figurative Art “Zef Kolombi” in Ferizaj where she served as Vice-President (2011-2014) and President (2014-2016). In the same year, Ms. Topalli was declared “Artist of the Year” by the Municipality of Ferizaj. 

Lebibe Topalli is already known as a valuable artist in the country and abroad. She has created a total of nine (9) personal exhibitions and participated in over fifty (50) collective exhibitions, being artistically presented in many galleries of different countries such as: Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, Switzerland and France. 

As it has also been highlighted by local and foreign media such as L’Espace, Telegraph.UK,, etc. Lebibe Topalli – Shabani’s primary goal is the development of art culture in the country. 

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