The University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj held a scientific panel on the topic “The Impact of Digitalization on Business Strategy.”

The panel was organized by the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science in collaboration with the Faculty of Environment and Tourism of UASF, and two other faculties of public universities in Kosovo: the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Prishtina and the Faculty of Mechanical and Computer Engineering at the University of Mitrovica.

The panel gathered various stakeholders from different sectors, including professors from relevant fields of Public Universities in Kosovo, representatives from public supportive and stimulating units for digital transformation in Kosovo, business representatives, as well as professors and students of UASF. Initially, all attendees were greeted by the Rector of UASF, Prof. Dr. Agron Bajraktari, who congratulated them on the chosen topic for discussion, and spoke about the University’s priorities towards digitalization and the readiness of the academic staff to contribute to the digital transformation of the business community and beyond.

The deans of the two faculties chaired the event, Prof. As. Bashkim Çerkini and Prof. As. Dr. Petrit Hasani; the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UP, Prof. Asoc.Dr. Isak Shabani, as well as the professor of the Faculty of Mechanical and Computer Engineering in Mitrovica Prof. As. Dr. Muzafer Shala, informed the participants about the purpose of the event, the importance of digitalization in organizational operations, and the developments made at the national and international levels towards the development of strategies for digitalization.

The panel was moderated by the Vice-Rector for Digitalization, Innovation, and Information Technology at UASF, Prof. As.Dr. Fakije Zejnullahu, who emphasized the importance of this discussion for businesses due to the lack of a concrete plan for integrating digitalization into the strategic orientation of businesses, aimed at encouraging businesses to orient their strategies towards digital transformation and innovation.

The Director of Economic Development and Tourism, Mr. Balton Dërguti, presented the idea of the Municipality of Ferizaj to subsidize businesses in the process of digitalization and the actions planned by the municipality to identify the needs of businesses for digitalization. Meanwhile, the project leader of KREN (a project of the CODE program), Mr. Atif Bashani, informed the businesses about the developments made by KREN towards building Internet infrastructure for use by citizens in rural areas where ISPs had not been able to extend their Internet services, the establishment of a data center according to international standards made available to the Universities of Kosovo, and the activities carried out by this project towards building capacities among young Kosovars for the use of new ICT technologies. The discussion expanded with the involvement of business representatives, professors, and students of UShAF. The participants appreciated the importance of holding this scientific panel and wished for it to be a good start for such developments, where all stakeholders will discuss together in the future.

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