We inform all master-level students of the University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj, that within the ResearchCult project, accounts have been created for access to the EBSCO platform.


The platform is accessed from the UShAF Web Site, according to the path:

ushaf.netà StudentetàBiblioteka / e-BibliotekaàEBSCO

While for access credentials are used, such as:

User: Student’s name. Student surname

Password: UShAF # Card_Number.

For example, User with the name and surname: Sara Gashi and Card number 20M000192028, can access:

User: Sara.Gashi

Password: UShAF # 20M000192028

Or, If the student holds two adjectives, then the user contains two adjectives, such a: Sara.Gashi.Ibrahimi

For any difficulty in accessing this platform, contact the dean of the relevant faculty of the program where you study.

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