The students of the second year of the Faculty of Tourism and Environment, within the subject “Management of Finances”, accompanied by their teacher, Prof. Ass. Dr. Leonora Rudhani Haliti, made a study visit to the Professional Training Center “Eon tdi”, in Ferziaj.

Company Director Mr. Ariantit Kastrati and the Financial Manager of this Center shared very important information with the students regarding financial management in their company. Also, during this meeting, they informed the students about the possibilities related to the financing of their activities, but also about the challenges they have gone through until the successful development of this business. Among other things, Mr. Krasniqi instructed the students to think about developing their ideas in order to become successful entrepreneurs, because according to him, Kosovo has sufficient funding sources to do business.

The professor, Mrs. Rudhani Haliti, thanked Mr. Krasniqi for the hospitality and the opportunity they gave the students to see and hear closely about the possibilities of financing their businesses in the future.

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