Within the framework of the project “Distance Learning in Higher and Continuing Education – Development of Online and Blended Learning Programs in Kosovo”, implemented by the University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj (UASF), the Austrian School of Applied Studies (ASAS), and co-financed by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the first candidates have successfully completed and been certified in two university courses: “Certified Business Manager” and “Certified Project Manager”.

On this occasion, a tripartite agreement was signed at UASF premises between UASF, ASAS, and the University of Graz, for the recognition of the qualification obtained and its certification by the University of Graz. This means that successful candidates who pass the final exam for these two university courses, organized by the University of Graz, will directly receive certification from Graz.

This agreement opens up the opportunity for all Kosovar professionals interested in obtaining certification from the University of Graz for the mentioned university courses to do so at UASF in the future.

The Rector of UASF, Prof. Dr. Agron Bajraktari, thanked the Austrian state for its support, which he considers the main promoter of UASF. He also congratulated the students who successfully completed these two courses and expressed satisfaction that UASF will have the opportunity to continue with this project with future students.

Meanwhile, Herbert Schläger – the International Project Director, thanked Rector Bajraktari for the cooperation and stated that we have achieved a new form of education so far, and in December, competencies for the implementation of these projects will be handed over to UASF.

Veton Pira, a certified candidate in the “Certified Project Manager” course, thanked for the opportunity to attend such a course, which he considers valuable and necessary for all those involved in management, whether project management or enterprise management.

Representatives from the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) were also present at the signing ceremony of this agreement.

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