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Prof. Assoc. Dr. Alberta Tahiri

Full time Professor

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Alberta Tahiri is an associate professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj, at the Faculty of Tourism and Environment. She has been employed by UASF since 2018 and has contributed to the education of students in the departments of “Management in Hospitality and Tourism” and “Management and Innovation in Tourism.”

Dr. Tahiri has achieved an advanced academic level by completing her bachelor’s studies at the Faculty of Applied Business Sciences in Peja, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. After completing her bachelor’s studies, she pursued postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Prishtina, focusing on Management and Finance.

In 2014-2015, Alberta Tahiri began her doctoral studies at the “St. Clement of Ohrid” University in Ohrid, at the Faculty of Tourism and Hostpitality,  in Tourism Management program. She successfully completed her doctoral studies in 2017, defending her dissertation on the topic “Managerial Competencies for the Creation of Effective Strategies and Control Factors for the Development of the Hospitality Industry in the Municipality of Peja.”

Throughout her career, Dr. Tahiri has held various positions, including Deputy Director of the Didactic Center in Peja (2008-2009) and Officer of Assistance and Finance in the Office of the Chairman of the Municipal Assembly in Peja (2009-2017). She has also been a lecturer at IP – International Prizren College (2014-2016), a visiting professor at VPA College in Ferizaj (2016-2017), Gjilani College (2016-2017), and a regular professor at Business College in Prishtina (2017-2018).

Alberta Tahiri has presented numerous papers and has actively participated in academic conferences at national and international level. Her published works in international scientific journals indexed in platforms such as Scopus or Web of Science include: “Sustainable Tourism as a Potential for Promoting Regional Heritage, Local Food, Traditions, and Diversity – The Case of Kosovo” (2022), “The Impact of Motivation on Employee Performance in the Hospitality Industry” (2022), “The Communication Process in Enterprises in Kosovo: Types and Flow Direction” (2021), “Tourism and Hotel Industry: Definition, Concepts, and Development – The Case of Kosovo” (2021), “Organization as a Management Function and Types of Organizational Structures Implemented in SMEs in Kosovo” (2021), “Decision-Making and Application of Decision-Making Techniques in SMEs in Kosovo” (2021), among others.

She has consistently invested efforts in her academic work and engagements, with the aim of advancing further in her field of interest.

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