At the University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj (UASF), a scientific roundtable was held on “Challenges of the Hospitality and Tourism sector in Kosovo, after the Covid 19 pandemic”, organized by the Faculty of Tourism and Environment.


Rector of UASF, Prof. Dr. Agron Bajraktari welcomed the participants and claimed that it is a special day for our University, because in pandemic conditions we managed to hold this roundtable related to the challenges that our country is facing after the Covid-19 pandemic, in the hotel and tourism sector. Also, the Rector thanked the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Environment, Prof. As. Petrit Hasanaj for organizing this scientific roundtable.

Balton Dërguti, Director of Economic Development and Tourism in the Municipality of Ferizaj, said that the pandemic has caused great damage to the general economy, including Kosovo and has hit the hotel and tourism sector in the municipality of Ferizaj, where businesses and workers were damaged. He also said that the city of Ferizaj has a tradition of hospitality and tourism and now we are happy to have the University which has shared a direction in this field to professionalize young people to contribute in this direction.

Prof. Dr. Elton Noti from the University “Aleksandër Moisiu” in Durrës, congratulated Dean Hasanaj for organizing this roundtable and said that we should develop joint policies to develop tourism in Kosovo and Albania.

Bekim Haxhiu, Director of the Department of Tourism from the Ministry of Tourism in Northern Macedonia, Mr. Zak Topuzi, president of the Hotel Association of Albania, as well as Mrs. Afërdita Hoxha from the Kosovo Chamber of Hospitality and Tourism, welcomed and greeted this roundtable at this very challenging time for the hotel and tourism sector. They also expressed their readiness to cooperate in organizing such roundtables in the future, in order for this to serve the development of this sector.

Whereas, Prof. As. Dr. Hysen Sogojeva presented to the audience a scientific paper entitled “Challenges of the sector and hospitality and tourism in Kosovo, after the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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